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The tale of an unstable knee

From time to time, we do get some incredibly interesting cases in our clinic. I specialise in knee and shoulder pain and think I may have seen a considerable amount of knees in my years of practice.

Last month, a young lady attended with terrible knee pain, following a slip while hiking.

She had pain while going up and down stairs, while sleeping and fully extending the knee.

She attended A&E and was told it was just "soft tissue" damage and told to rest. She had an active job and couldn't really do this, so she came to us.

She attended our clinic three days later, with little to no information about her knee, apart from the method of injury. Through careful and thorough questioning and history taking, we were able to understand the demands of her knee, her expectations and the issues.

Within 10 minutes, we were able to determine that she had a complete ACL rupture and MCL rupture, later confirmed by MRI.

We started her on a basic strengthening programme immediately which prevented her quadricep muscles from wasting and also use of a COMPEX machine to encourage quadricep and hamstring recruitment.

Within a few weeks, she was walking normally and without pain and is now working with us on restoring strength and stability. We continue to work with her while she determines if surgery is necessary, but prehab is the way forward!

She is a clear case of early intervention being key to managing a ligamentous knee injury.

If you are suffering a knee injury, please call us on 07946 000 327 or book through our website on the button below.

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